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Department of Physics

Awards and Fellowships

The UC Davis Physics department among the awardees for the American Physical Society Award for Improving Undergraduate Phyics Education (2014)


Manuel Calderon de la Barca Sanchez wins the Academic Senate Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award (2013)


Professor Tripathi wins the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research(2013)


Physics Amandeep Kaur selected Graduate Student Assistant to the Dean and Chancellor and wins the Outstanding Gratuate & Professional Student Leaders in Our Community Award. (2013)


Professor David Pines was named by AAPT as the John David Jackson Excellence in Graduate Physics Education Awardee. Link to announcement (2013)


Professors Kaloper, Knox, Liu, Savrasov, Svoboda and Zimanyi have been elected fellows of the American Physical Socitey. (2012)


Professor Nick Curro wins the honor of Chancellor's Fellow. (2012)


Professor Kai Liu named Fellow of the Institute of Nanotechnology (UK). (2012)


Professor Nemanja Kaloper wins a Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professorship. (2012)


Professor John Rundle wins the NASA Software of the Year Award. (2012)

Professor James Crutchfield was awarded a three-year $450K grant from the Army Research Office to study the role of intelligence in extracting work from thermodynamic systems. The goals are to develop a fundamental understanding of the physical limits on computing and the interdependence between energy flows and information processing. Applications include greatly reducing energy dissipation in digital  computers and evaluating novel physical substrates for a new generation of unconventional computers. Link to journal page.


Professor Charles Fadley was awarded the Senior Visiting Professorship award of 185k Eu (ca. $235k) from the French national program to promote world-class laboratories in physics (Laboratoires d'Excellence: Physique: Atomes, Lumiere, Matiere--PALM) that will provide support over two years as a senior visiting professor (chaire seniore) in the Paris-Saclay Triangle de Physique. Link 


Professor Fadley was also selected as one of the first three recipients of the status of Fellow of Elettra, the Italian national synchrotron radiation and free electron laser facility with laudatio as:  “Professor Charles S. Fadley is a distinguished solid state physicist and materials scientist who has given fundamental contributions to the development of photoelectron spectroscopy, diffraction and holography worldwide..." Link


Dr. Norman Mannella, who completed his PhD with the UC Davis Physics Fadley Group in 2003, then was a postdoctoral associate with Professor Z.X. Shen at Stanford, and is now an Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, has been awarded a prestigious five-year NSF Early Career Award totalling $600,000, with the title "Sub-Picosecond Electron Dynamics in Complex Electron Systems".  


Cassandra Paul (Graduate Student)

2011-12 Dissertation Year Fellowship

Francesca Ricci-Tam (Graduate Student)

2011-12 Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship

Tia Miceli (Graduate Student)

2011-12 Dissertation Year Fellowship

Professors Kai Liu and Rajiv Singh

 Professors Kai Liu and Rajiv Singh have been elected Fellows of the Institute of Physics (2011)

Dr. Randy Dumas

Dr. Randy Dumas, who completed his Ph.D. with the U.C. Davis Physics Liu Group in 2009, has been awarded a prestigious Young Researcher Grant of %7e$720,000  from the Swedish Research Council for his work on magnetic materials. (2011)

Gergely Zimanyi

Professor of Physics

Undergraduate Teaching Award (2011)

The federation honors its members for Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Research.

Ilke Arslan

UCD Physics Alum, UCD Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. (2011)

The nation's highest honor for professionals in the early stages of their scientific research careers.  

Jessica Scheimer

UCD Physics Alum, current Masters Student, UCD School of Education.

Future Teacher Scholarship. (2011)

(Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Fellowship)

 Awarded annually to members who demonstrate leadership in their chapter and a strong desire to teach science. 

Albert de Roeck

Adjunct Professor of Physics

Honorary degree from the University of Helsinki. (2010)

The Laureate in Physics is recognized for outstanding contributions to experimental particle physics and important collaboration with the scientists in the Finish Universities.

Dong Yu

Professor of Physics

UC Davis Hellman Fellowship Program Award. (2010)

UC Davis offers this fellowship in order to provide funds to promising assistant professor faculty for research support.

David Pines

Distinguished Professor of Physics

The John Bardeen Prize (2009)

Recognizes significant theoretical contributions  field of superconductivity. Awarded by the international superconductivity research community.

David Pines

Professor of Physics

Honorary Doctor of Science Degree by the University of St Andrews, Scotland.  (2009)

The honor is bestowed "in recognition of his contributions to physics and of his work at the interfaces between science, international relations, and policy."

Charles Fadley

Professor of Physics

Elected as a foreign member of The Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala, Sweden, in its Class for Physics and Mathematics. (2009)

The Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala is the oldest learned society in Sweden, founded in 1710.

Richard Scalettar

Professor of Physics

Helen Craig (Student Award)

UCD Physics Alum

UC Davis Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research (2009)

UC Davis award for completing outstanding research in an academic subject while at UC Davis.

Cassandra Paul

UCD Physics Doctoral Student

Awarded Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award (2009)
Co-sponsored by the Graduate Council, the Office of Graduate Studies, and the Teaching Resources Center,  this award recognizes excellence in teaching by graduate students on the UC Davis campus.

Shirley Chiang

Professor of Physics

Fellow of the American Association for the Advancment of Science (2008)

The society cited Chiang for "innovative and incisive use of scanning probe techniques for the study of metal surfaces."

John Conway

Professor of Physics

Fellow of the American Physical Society (2008)

Dr. Conway's outstanding contributions were in the search for the Higgs boson as well as physics beyond the Standard Model

Steven Carlip

Professor of Physics

Fellow of the American Physical Society (2008)

Dr. Carlip's studies focused on black hole physics as well as gravity in 2+1 dimensions

Sergey Savrasov

Professor of Physics

UC Davis Chancellor's Fellow (2008)

The Chancellor's Fellow award honors the achievements of outstanding faculty members early in their careers.

Lawrence B. Coleman

Professor of Physics

Senior Fellow at NASULGC (2008)

Senior Fellow at the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges.

Manuel Calderon de la Barca

Professor of Physics

NSF Career Grant (2007)

The prestigious career grant was awarded to Dr. Calderon for his Studies of Heavy Quarkonium Production in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions at UC Davis.

Kai Liu

Professor of Physics

Chancellor's Fellow (2007)

Chancellor's Fellow award honors those who have distinguished themselves in teaching, research, and public service.