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Department of Physics

Prizes and Awards

Our distinguished faculty became even more distinguished over the past year garnering many new honors.  

To begin, we ranked 2nd this year (together with Harvard, MIT and FSU) in the number of faculty members elected as Fellows of the American Physical Society in 2012.  Congratulations to Professors Cox, Curro, Kaloper, Knox, Liu, Savrasov, Svoboda and Zimanyi pictured below.  The criterion for election is exceptional contributions to the physics enterprise.  

Daniel CoxNicholas CurroNemanja KaloperLloyd KnoxKai LiuSergey SavrasovBob SvobodaGergely Zimanyi

Other Fellowships awarded include an Insitute of Nanotechnology Fellowhsip for Professor Liu and a UC Davis Hellman Fellowship for Professor Bradac.

Visiting Professorships include a Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professorship for Professor Kaloper and a Senior Visiting Professorship for Professor Charles Fadley.  Professor Fadley's award was from the French national program to promote world-class laboratories in physics (Laboratoires d'Excellence: Physique: Atomes, Lumiere, Matiere--PALM).  Professor Pickett has Visiting Professorships this academic year at Hong Kong Baptist Uinversity and at the National University of Singapore. 

Professor Fadley was also selected as one of the first three recipients of the status of Fellow of Elettra, the Italian national synchrotron radiation and free electron laser facility.  The laudatio reads in part,  “Professor Charles S. Fadley is a distinguished solid state physicist and materials scientist who has given fundamental contributions to the development of photoelectron spectroscopy, diffraction and holography worldwide...."

Professor Picket was also named the Simmons Foundation Fellow in Theoretical Physics for 2012-13. 

Professor David Pines was named by the AAPT as the 2012 John David Jackson Excellence in Graduate Physics Education Awardee

Professor John Rundle and his team received the NASA Software of the Year award.

Professor Nick Curro won the honor of Chancellor's Fellow.

Professor Gergely Zimanyi won the 2011-2012 UC Davis Distinguished Teaching Award for Undergraduate Teaching.

Professor Kiskis won the Charles P. Nash Prize awarded by the Davis Faculty Association, Davis Division of the Academic Senate, and UC Davis Academic Federation for exceptional efforts in advocating for shared governance and faculty interests and welfare.

Professor Tyson was honored with the 2012 Hintze Lectureship at Oxford University. 

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