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Department of Physics


Name Title Office Phone Email
Albrecht, AndreasDistinguished Professor and Chair511 Physics+1 (530)
Becker, RobertDistinguished Professor513 Physics+1 (530)
Boeshaar, PatriciaSr. Lecturer w/SOE233 Physics+1 (530)
Bradac, MarusaAssociate Professor531 Physics+1 (530)
Brady, PaulProfessor Emeritus+ 1 (530)
Cahill, ThomasProfessor Emeritus301 Physics+1 (530)
Calderon de la Barca Sanchez, ManuelProfessor397A Physics+1 (530)
Carlip, StevenProfessor437 Physics+1 (530)
Cebra, DanielProfessor387A Physics+1 (530)
Chau, Ling-LieProfessor Emerita431 Physics+1 (530)
Cheng, Hsin-ChiaProfessor433 Physics+1 (530)
Chertok, MaxwellProfessor329 Physics+ 1 (530)
Chiang, ShirleyProfessor235 Physics+1 (530)
Coleman, LawrenceProfessor Emeritus2101 Math Science Bldg.+1 (530)
Conway, JohnProfessor311 Physics+1 (530)
Corruccini, LintonProfessor Emeritus205 Physics+1 (530)
Cox, DanielDistinguished Professor407 Physics+1 (415) 867
Crutchfield, JamesProfessor197 Physics+1 (530)
Curro, Nicholas Professor201 Physics+1 (530)
Draper, James EProfessor
Erbacher, Robin Professor343 Physics+1 (530)
Erickson, Glen W.Professor Emeritus301
Fadley, CharlesDistinguished Professor241 Physics+1 (530)
Fassnacht, Chris Professor515 Physics+1 (530)
Ferenc, DanielProfessor540 Physics+1 (530)
Fong, Ching-YaoDistinguished Professor403 Physics+1 (530)
Garrod, ClaudeProfessor Emeritus301 Physics+1 (530) 752
Gunion, JohnDistinguished Professor441 Physics+1 (530)
Hubeny, VeronikaProfessor419 Physics
Hurley, JamesProfessor Emeritus
Kaloper, NemanjaProfessor509 Physics+1 (530)
Kiskis, JosephProfessor Emeritus443 Physics+1 (530)
Klein, BarryProfessor Emeritus415 Physics(530)
Knox, LloydProfessor505 Physics+1 (530)
Ko, WinstonProfessor Emeritus315 Physics+1 (530)
Lander, RichardDistinguished Professor Emeritus319 Physics+1 (530)
Liu, KaiProfessor207 Physics+1 (530)
Lubin, LoriProfessor507 Physics+1 (530)
Luty, MarkusProfessor431 Physics+1 (530)
McColm, Douglas W.Senior Lecturer Emeritus301
Mulhearn, MichaelAssistant Professor317 Physics+ 1 (530)
Pantic, EmilijaAssistant Professor327
Pellett, DavidProfessor Emeritus337 Physics+1 (530)
Pickett, WarrenDistinguished Professor427 Physics+1 (530)
Pines, DavidDistinguished Research
Potter, WendellSr. Lecturer Emeritus219 Physics+1 (530)
Rangamani, MukundProfessorRm 449 Physics
Rundle, JohnDistinguished Professor534B Physics+1 (530)
Savrasov, SergeyProfessor417 Physics+1 (530)
Scalettar, RichardProfessor409
Singh, RajivProfessor425 Physics+1 (530)
Svoboda, BobProfessor349 Physics+ 1 (530)-754-9610
Terning, JohnProfessor435 Physics+1 (530)
Tripathi, Mani S.Professor313 Physics+1 (530)
Tyson, Anthony J.Distinguished Professor514B Physics+1 (530)
Webb, DavidSr. Lecturer w/SOE209 Physics+1 (530)
Wittman, DavidAssociate Professor529 Physics+1 (530)
Yager, PhilipProfessor Emeritus349
Yu, DongAssociate Professor203 Physics+1 (530)
Zhu, XiangdongProfessor237 Physics+1 (530)
Zieve, RenaProfessor243 Physics+ 1 (530)
Zimanyi, GergelyProfessor405 Physics+1 (530)