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Department of Physics


Physics Department Safety Officer

Peter Klavins
Phone 530 304-3881

Chemical and Laboratory Safety Manual

Department Safety Manual

Emergency Action Plan

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Physics Suggestion Box

Share with the Physics Department your concerns or suggestions regarding safety here.

Campus Safety Services Office

Visit the UCD Safety Services page here

New personal protective equipment issued for laboratories

Staff modeling new safety equipment

Department staff modeling new personal protective equipment (from left to right: Dave Hemer, Bill Tuck, Brian Barnett, Ray Gerhard, Matt Smith)

2014 Annual Fire Prevention Inspection

The annual fire prevention inspection of all office and laboratory spaces will be conducted by the UC Davis fire department in March.  Please check that your coffee makers, microwave and toaster ovens, are plugged directly into a wall receptacle.  Extension cords and surge protectors are not allowed for these types of appliances.  Surge protectors must plug directly into a wall receptacle and lay flat on the floor or desk surface.  Extension cords may not be used with a surge protector to reach a wall receptacle. Please contact the department safety coordinator, Peter Klavins, if you have questions or concerns about your area.

Peter Klavins wins the UC Davis Safety Star award.

Peter Klavins wins the UC Davis Safety Star award