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Department of Physics

Degree Programs

Ideal for those who have external financial support, want a shorter-term commitment, and want a choice between research vs classes (the Master's thesis is optional).  The Master's program is shorter and even with the Master's thesis does not provide as high a level of research training as the PhD.  Still, the Master's program is rigorous and the academic courses are all also part of the PhD program.  Master's and PhD students take courses together.  Master's students may apply to our PhD program and if admitted have their Master's course count toward their PhD requirements.  Similar credit is often available for students who enter PhD programs at other universities.

Aimed at students ready to commit to a roughly six-year program, the vast majority of which is research rather than classes.  Students who complete the PhD program have a high level of training in performing original research.  Students in our PhD program have access to financial support frm the department through research or teaching assistantships and most students are able to cover the entire cost of the program including living expenses through these assistantships.  If you feel ready for a PhD program, there is no need to first go through a Master's program.